2017, Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge, poetry, verbonaut

nursery rhyme reinvented.

humpty dumpty
sat on a wall
ending it all

for humpty dumpty
wasn’t his name
just what they called him
because of his size and his frame

all the kids jeered
pointing their fingers
words they can hurt
but scars they can linger

so as humpty dumpty
got to his feet
his first thought was escape
would be bittersweet

he took one look down
turned around to see behind
cars rushing to his rear
suicide on the mind

so humpty dumpty jumped
his real name forgotten
they found him in the lake
face down at the bottom

and all the kings medics
and all the kings men
couldnt put humpty
together again.


Source:Β The Nursery Rhyme Challenge, IBMC #8

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