big news!

So this week has been pretty chaotic, and I just thought I’d share a few things. Three things happened that I am extremely proud of.

1. The Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge

I completed a set of tasks set by It’s PH, which means I have finally finished the challenge! I have had fifteen days to complete ten tasks, all designed to improve writing. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my posts (you can find them here) because I loved writing them. I can finally proclaim myself as an ‘incredible blogger’ (haha)  and use this logo as a mark of me completing it. ibmccompleted


2. The Blogger Recognition Award 

I recently got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Malia’s Passport, which is an award within the blogging community to recognise up-and-coming bloggers. I’m really proud that my little blog got noticed, and I hope to grow from this!


3. Logo

I finally got round to making a logo for Verbonaut! I had a few choices but I narrowed it down to my main header and logo.


So that’s it for my little update – so until next post, see you later!

maiya calise

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